I help passion-driven solopreneurs just like you who are determined to share their message, are tired of blending in with their competition, and, all too often, have found themselves banished to the outer limits of the Inter-webs. You’ve already got moxie…let’s work together to create an identity that flaunts it!

What Makes Me Different?

I want to live in a world filled with creative design that highlights the uniqueness of each person or business it is created for, happy people who are kind and supportive of one another, and books that come with perfectly smooth pages, true fine-point pens, and no spelling or grammatical errors.

As a web and graphic designer with nearly 20 years of experience, I’ve worked for solopreneurs, small businesses, non-profit organizations, the US Air Force and more producing websites, logos, and all sorts of marketing media. I’m what many in my industry call a Unicorn Designer who combines the talent and creativity of an artist with the analytical mind and attention to detail of a developer. I am also an avid student, always on the lookout for trends and techniques that will help set my clients apart.

When I’m not designing or learning something new to keep my clients above the fold, you can find me snuggled up with my fur-babies watching foreign flicks or horror movies, diving head first into psychology research papers, planning crazy fun kids’ parties, or huddled over my latest artwork, pen in hand.

The newest addition to my line of services is Soul Searching with Chrystal, a life coaching program for people who think they want to become solopreneurs or are simply searching for their purpose. I think, too often, we get wrapped up in feeling like things will be easier if we don’t have to work for “the Man”, but fail to recognize it isn’t a good fit for everyone. Our purpose may be to become a solopreneur, save thousands of lives with a new medical treatment or to reach out to the lonely and less fortunate; regardless of the vehicle, I believe we each have unique talents that make us the perfect answer to someone else’s prayers. Soul Searching with Chrystal will help put you on the path to finding your flow, passion, purpose…whatever you want to call it. Plus, I’m here to help with design if you do decide entrepreneurship is right for you!

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

~ may sarton ~

10 Little Known Facts About Me

By the time I turned 13, I could play several instruments and accompanied choirs and congregations. I totally thought I was meant to be an amazing musician that travelled the world. Who would’ve thought art is where I’d find my flow!

My husband is certain that I’m a vampire (or at least part) because my skin starts to burn within 5 minutes of being in the sun.

When I was little, I rolled down a rocky hill in England and face-planted into a tree. Now, I can’t squeeze in enough hiking, caving, and mountain climbing.

I’m a closet sci-fi geek. No really, I’ve watched all the Stargate series at least 3 times. Ask me about it in public, though, and I’ll change the subject.

I wanted to grow up to be a lawyer/psychologist/Broadway star…instead, I read historical court cases and psychological research papers for fun and sing in the shower.

I come from a long line of artists and military men, but surprised everyone when I enlisted and when I started art school.

I secretly long for the day the Doctor whisks me away in his Tardis to unknown times and distant galaxies.

My family is embarrassed to walk into stationery stores with me because, apparently, I love paper and pens “too much”. Not just any paper, though…it has to be heavy-weight, pure white, and silky smooth to really get my attention. (Yes, I can tell the difference between the whites.) Pens? Well, don’t even get me started…

I just cleaned out my cookbook collection and still have about 50 left. The really sad part is that I rarely find time to cook.

I love my work so much that I lose track of time – which is really bad when it comes to remembering that my fur-baby has a tiny bladder.

Curious? Want to know more?

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